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Who am I?

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simple solutions being a code monkey
free (libre) software Code monkey uses laptop to write mobile application in JavaScript
web of trust
security and privacy
distributed systems
deterministic software
decentralized systems
i18n (Unicode, CJK, bidi)


Incomplete list of projects I've authored or contributed to. Here be dragons.

December 2018

Chromium HTTPS

Wrote a patch for one of the world's largest code bases — Chromium web browser (also known as Google Chrome) — that makes semantics of URLs without explicit schemes secure by default. A nifty side effect is a noticable improvement in page loading speed.

The patch is distributed as part of Eloston's ungoogled-chromium fork, alongside some minor macOS-specific build system enhancements.


Markdown to HTML converter on steroids (powered by NodeJS). Supports automatic table of contents generation, graphs, function plots, interactive railroad diagrams and intelligent syntax highlighting — all with none to optional client-side JavaScript code.



Neko for the web. Initially implemented in pure JavaScript, it was latter rewritten in Go/GopherJS as a deterministic finite state machine with complete WebNeko compatibility.

November 2018


Reverse-engineered Burger King client-server communications and brute-forced all coupons.

June 2018


Configured multiple IPv6-capable networks with transparent circumvention of IPv4 Internet access restrictions using data from Registry of Internet Addresses filtered in Russian Federation.

Discovered that merging adjacent IP blocks from registry leads to 30% memory footprint reduction and network perfomance growth.

2016–2017, Late 2018

HSE Guest

Investigated and documented the Captive Portal authentication scheme at HSE facilities, including both corporate and guest networks.

Login automation scripts have drastically improved productivity of users irritated by unstable Internet connection.



Developed a framework for encapsulation of various high-perfomance Core Data stacks. Abandoned project because Apple has introduced standard Core Data stack abstraction.



Freshman at HSE Faculty of Computer Science.

Bachelor’s Programme Data Science and Business Analytics.


Maths, Computer Science and Engineering programme at HSE Lyceum.

Received positive feedback for hosting and maintaining dedicated project defences servers.

If we agreed that you'd pay me back for part of a dinner or something instead of splitting the bill, you can send ether to my Ethereum wallet (prefered) or transfer money to Yandex.Money account.